Electronic food orders are here

All Bishop’s Orders for Commodities now have to be entered electronically by a designated person or persons in each ward or branch. These orders must be initiated and approved (the final step) by the bishop with a pick-up location specified when using one of the satellites.

Welcome to the Bishop’s Storehouse website

The purpose of this website is to provide information for patrons and to coordinate support workers. It also provides information and training to assist local church leaders in utilizing the storehouse. The website is a central hub for Bishop's Storehouse information and communication. We hope this website will be a useful tool for storehouse workers and members alike. Please use the Feedback button on the right to submit comments, suggestions or requests.

Scheduled Closures in 2018:
Thursday, November 22, 2018 - Thankgiving

The pre-packed home storage food items are available. There are specials each month which can be found on the website. Look at the "Home Storage Center"

We welcome individuals who would like to serve and ask that anyone aged 12-16 bring an adult.

Workers are needed at this time for 2-3 hours for unloading and moving inventory. This task generally takes 2-3 hours.