Bishop’s Orders

  • Filling out the Bishop’s Order for Commodities formLink
  • Providing the Lord’s Way: Summary of a Leader’s Guide to Welfare: Link

 Helpful Hints from the Storehouse Directors

  • Units with multiple orders – Please fax or email the scanned order form(s) ahead of time so that the storehouse can order sufficient quantities of fresh food items (dairy, bread, produce). This communication to the storehouse must be received by noon of the previous business day and include on the fax the day and time of the planned pickup (for a Saturday pickup, fax by noon on the previous Thursday and for a Thursday pickup, fax by noon the previous Saturday). Fax: 508-438-0002, email: If you are unable to fax or email, please call the storehouse during hours and communicate the quantities of items you will need.
  • Completely fill out the Bishop’s Order for Commodities Form – all information on the top and bottom, i.e. address, family name and number in family, stake and unit numbers, and telephone numbers.
  • Seasonal items: Fresh fruit and vegetables are available during different times of the year. To obtain seasonal items, the recipient or the person designated to pick up the order will be asked which items are wanted when they arrive at the Bishop’s Storehouse.