Bishop’s Orders

  • Instructions for Filling out the Bishop’s Order for Commodities formLink
  • Instructions for printing an order form: Link
    • Printable sample form: Link
  • Welfare Resources Website: Link
  • Providing the Lord’s Way: Summary of a Leader’s Guide to Welfare: Link
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Items (available November – Christmas, as soon as they appear on the order form). Link here for information.

 Helpful Hints from the Storehouse Managers

  • Complete the order submission process. After the order has been submitted for approval, it must be finalized by the bishop/branch president. If this step is not completed, the order will not be accessible at the Bishops’ Storehouse and will not be filled.
  • Designate pick-up location. If the order is to be picked up at a drop site (Warwick, Cambridge, Portland or Manchester), the drop site must be chosen before final approval by the bishop. If this step is not completed, the order will not be delivered to the drop site. However, the order can still be picked up at the Worcester BSH.
  • Worcester pick up: Orders to be picked up in Worcester should select NO pick up location (Worcester is not listed as a pick up location)
  • Units with multiple orders – Please submit all electronic orders for drop-site deliveries by Monday at Midnight preceding the prior Saturday delivery date, so that the storehouse can order sufficient quantities of fresh food items (dairy, bread, product). Orders to be picked up at Worcester Storehouse for Thursday need to be approved by unit leaders Monday at Midnight; and for orders to be picked up on Saturday needs to be approved by unit leaders Wednesday at Midnight so there will be sufficient quantities of fresh food at the Storehouse.
  • Order Packing – The Bishop’s Storehouse has stopped the practice of reusing product boxes for the purpose of filling Bishop’s Orders. We have switched to using grocery bags and plastic T-shirt bags. We understand that patrons generally like the boxes because they are easier to pack into their vehicles. Patrons may bring boxes and leave them in their vehicle to facilitate packing, however we will not allow them to bring their own boxes into the storehouse for filling their orders. We will continue to allow patrons to bring in their own coolers for meat, dairy, etc. and reusable bags that they might use for grocery shopping.